Discovery of the decade! First tiger quoll found in the Otways in Victoria

We have some exciting news! The first confirmed evidence of wild tiger quolls in the Otways since 2003 has been discovered this week.

Endangered tiger quolls near Melbourne, Victoria

Endangered tiger quoll

The discovery was made by travellers, who unwittingly collected evidence when they spotted a strange animal dropping a scat fish on their verandah. After reporting their sighting to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), the scat was sent for analysis and the  DNA has been confirmed as that of a tiger quoll.

Tiger quolls are the largest marsupial carnivores remaining in Australia and can be found along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. A subspecies also lives in Queensland.

Already endangered, tiger quoll populations are declining. Although the Otways used to be a stronghold for the species, the destruction of their habitat and introduced predators such as foxes and cats have lead to their dramatic decline over the last several decades. The species is now critically in danger of extinction in this region.

Find out more:

Read about Lizzie and Shane’s tiger quoll conservation projects at the Great Ocean Eco Lodge.

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