How to make the most of your Working Holiday Visa and win your dream job on Phillip Island with STA Travel

March 4, 2012

Backpacking & WHV

Ever dreamt of escaping the UK to go on a working holiday in Australia? This week we speak to Natalie Placko-Thornton, the Marketing Director at STA Travel, to find out how you can travel across Australia with a working holiday visa, become a professional penguin protector on Phillip Island(!) in Victoria and win a fabulous prize…

Phillip Island jobs with a working holiday visa

Find a different kind of 9-5 on Phillip Island with a Working Holiday Visa

 Q. We love STA Travel’s new campaign ‘there’s nothing like living like an Aussie’. What is it that draws so many people to want to apply for working holiday visa in Australia?

Australia has always been such a popular destination for the youth (the great weather, relaxed living, beautiful beaches) and now I think this is even more apparent. It’s a tough economy for young people in the UK and many are struggling to find work or are looking for an alternative to university thanks to the hike in fees this year.

Heading off to work in Australia is a good move for young people at the moment. The Australian economy is strong and there’s a buoyant employment market. It is an amazing adventure for anyone to see what it’s like to really… live like an Aussie!


Q. What type of jobs are there for students and backpackers?

 It’s impossible to say! The number of opportunities are endless. For those who want to do the traditional bar or restaurant work there will be heaps of these openings, but if there is a particular industry or skill-set you’re interested in then take time to dig a little deeper, do research and see how you can tie in your interests and long-term career prospects to your time working in Australia. Working in Victoria, there really is everything from grape picking at a country winery to working in an office job in Melbourne CBD. It’ll be a great way of making your CV stand out from the crowd.

Q. What are your top tips to anyone thinking about applying for a working holiday visa?

As with any sort of paperwork there are two key things: 1) be organised and 2) get some expert help. The teams in STA Travel shops are there to make the process of applying for a WHV as painless as possible, they’ll help you every step of the way. Plus, of course, they’re on hand for any travel advice too, such as stop-overs, as well as the more grown-up stuff like setting up a bank account in Oz, pointing you towards key job websites and sorting out an international SIM card for your phone. It’s important to be fully aware of all of the details so that you make the most of your working holiday. There are a lot of benefits, so make sure you know about them before heading off Down Under.

Working holiday visa on Phillip Island

Just another day at the office on Phillip Island...

Q. STA Travel’s has just launched a competition which gives your fans the chance to win one of seven dream jobs across Australia, including one post on Phillip Island, Victoria. Who should enter?

Anyone who loves animals and being out in the open air! The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of Australia’s most popular wildlife attractions and the lucky winner here would join the team of rangers as an environmental assistant.

Phillip Island is home to one of the largest Little Penguin colonies in the world as well as to koalas, seals, and wallabies. Every evening as the sun goes down, wild Little Penguins emerge from the sea and waddle across the beach at Phillip Island to their sand dune burrows.

The winner will perform conservation work across three major environmental attractions – the Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage Farm, and spend time in the field with rangers and discover more about Australian wildlife and the Aussie bush.


Q. Tell us how we can win our dream job in Oz.

Just go to and enter. It’s easy and you’ll be in with a chance of winning!


Work Down Under

To find out more about working in Melbourne and beyond and how to apply for your Working Holiday Visa, visit STA Travel.

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